Quirks about me

I just turned 37 and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on stuff:

20 Quirks about me:

1) I’m 37, single, husband-less and boyfriend-less.

2) I never thought I’d be 37, single, husband-less and boyfriend-less… and actually love it!

3) I moved to New York City in 2005 and loved it.

4) I moved to New Jersey in 2009 and always wanted to move back to NYC.

5) I moved back to NYC last year and am loving it again.

6) I walk 3 miles to and from my daughter’s school and work everyday. I love it. It’s also my gym time since I have no time to go to the gym.

7) I hold two full time jobs – working in finance and working as a single mom. It’s exhausting but I’m proud to be able to pull it off. For now. 

8) I really suck in the kitchen. But I have a handful of dishes I cook for my daughter. Why cook when you have so many restaurants at your doorstep? And delivery!!

9) I get stressed whenever there’s a bake sale or anything involving the use of my hands (e.g. crafts). My daughter is always pleading for me to bake cookies. I’ve tried with Betty Crocker brownies – they came out hard as rock and she had to force herself to eat them (sorry Genevieve!). So yea I would rather buy. I mean that’s why we live in NYC after all – so we could buy the world’s best anything (except Singapore food) anytime!

10) I hate doing chores but do them daily anyways because I’m scared of cockroaches and mice. 

11) If I ever meet a man, I’m never ever going to fake it again. I can’t cook and I suck at housekeeping. But I do make comfortable money and am pretty good at math! 

12) I love to travel but I have a fear of flying. Yes I know there are more road accidents etc etc but at least I’m in control when I drive. I get especially stressed whenever there’s turbulence. I have a ritual where I make sure to go to church to pray 9 consecutive days before a vacation. 

13) That said – I haven’t been to mass in a while. I have a relationship with God – I just don’t believe in man made rituals. 

14) I’m visiting Lourdes, France in the summer and a friend has commented that I’ll pollute the holiness of the place. I’m secretly worried he’s right. 

15) I think I’m strong. But please please please do not let a cockroach or mouse appear in my apartment! I will freak the fuck out!! 

16) I’ve pretty much come to terms with my body. I recognize that I have nice legs. But I don’t have a six pack and will never have a six pack. It runs in the family. We are an apple shaped family. 

17) I read Facebook posts about people wishing their kids will stay kids forever. I’m secretly wishing mine will grow up faster so that it would be less tiring for me. I know I will regret thinking that when she’s a teenager. Ok at least grow up to a point where she can act more human like put on her own clothes, feed herself without me having to nag at her and help with the dishes. 

18) Will I ever get married again? I don’t know. As of now, I know I’m not looking for a husband. And no replacement dad please. My daughter already has a dad. 

19) Do I believe in marriage? I don’t know. I think it’s difficult. I always thought I was happy in my marriage. It’s only when I’m out of my marriage that I realize I was never really happy. I had to suppress a lot of my own desires and compromised a lot. Now I’m free to do as I please. I see picture perfect marriages on social media and I hope they are truly as happy as they look. But I look at my parents and I think there’s hope for marriage. They are still totally in love with each other and they’ve been married since 1978.

20) I’m getting good at being alone. I dine alone, watch movies alone, went to an opera alone. The only thing I haven’t dared to do is to go to a bar alone. Something about being a solo woman in a room full of guys who are sizing you up makes me nervous. Although that’s how it is when I’m in meetings. I would love to go on a trip alone though. To Amsterdam! (Don’t tell my mom what’s in Amsterdam)