The Best Laid Plans

Dear friends,

The best laid plans often go awry.

 I had the worst Valentine’s Day ever. For weeks I had plans to have dinner with my daughter on Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day eve however, my ex mother in law called and insisted on having Valentine’s Day dinner together. I couldn’t shake her off so I got stuck having dinner with my ex in laws sans my ex husband on Valentine’s Day. My ex husband had been on a ‘business trip’ the past three weeks and during dinner, he called to say his flight got cancelled and that he would be back after Valentine’s Day. How very convenient.

At dinner, my daughter was crying and kept pointing to her right ear – a sign that she was coming down with an ear infection. I had an important meeting at work the next day and couldn’t work from home. So I told my ex in laws to take her home with them so they could take her to the doctor the next day. I was awashed with mommy guilt but I had (and am still having) a well deserved break. I had been with my daughter for three weeks straight which included a bout of fever, cold and a snow day. We’ve spiced up our time together with plenty of play dates with our neighbors but it does get exhausting. 

We have a long weekend this weekend on my side of the world. I’ll be alone since I am relationship-less at the moment and my daughter will be with her dad. But I’ve filled my weekend with activities so I don’t feel bored. 

I’ve been divorced for almost 10 months and living apart from my ex husband for more than 2 years now – I’ve forgotten how it was like to be married. Today I was trying to imagine how it would be like on a long weekend when I was married. I would have someone to spend time with. We would probably have no plans. We would probably drive to one of the same old restaurants to have the same old dinner. And then maybe we’d watch a movie at home when our daughter was asleep. I can’t remember if in the later years of our marriage we would be spooning each other on our sectional couch or if we would just be sitting beside each other, each distracted with our own phones while watching the movie. And it would be another sexless weekend or we would go through the ordeal of a planned sex session. But most of all, I remember how we would try so hard to make it a fun weekend but it was in actuality – wait for it – boring. 

Last night I went for a friend’s birthday drinks. Tonight I’ve organized dinner with a bunch of divorced strangers on the Meetup app. On Sunday I just booked myself for an ice skating lesson and a pole dancing lesson. On Monday I will be getting a facial and a wax. I am relationship-less on a long weekend but guess what – it will not be a boring weekend after all. 

So friends – the best laid plans may not happen in life. But sometimes that’s the best thing to ever happen in your life. 


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