The Victim vs. The Fighter

Dear friends,

When something bad happens to you, you usually feel like a victim. In fact, it is ok to feel like a victim – because you are a victim of a bad situation! But after a while, dry your tears, dust off your fears and use the injustice to fuel you to be a fighter! 

I believe that everyone has choices. You could either choose the negative (victim) or positive (fighter). Being a victim leaves you in a powerless situation. It means you are helpless and won’t stop blaming yourself and others for your misfortune. It means you’ve given up hope of this situation ever getting better. And it leaves you bitter.

Being a fighter helps you to take back your power. It puts you in the driver seat. You are given a second chance to steer. It allows you to gain back control of your situation. And most importantly – it gives you hope. 

When I found out I was cheated on, I could’ve chosen to stay victim forever. I could’ve continued blaming my ex husband. I could’ve turned bitter toward his affair partner. I could’ve stayed stuck in a marriage where I have been disrespected because I feared being a single mom. But I accepted the situation. It happened. It was an eye opener. I will learn life lessons out of it.

 And I’m choosing to fight for a better life.

So dear friends, don’t give up. Fight. The battle is hard. You fear you may not win. But fight hard. And take the power back in your hands. 


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