Starting Out On A Positive Note

Dear friends,

We are almost two weeks into the new year. I hope 2017 is going well for you so far. It certainly has been good for me the past week and a half. 

My resolution for this year is to Gain A Life. I am determined to rebuild my life. I want to move past the bitterness and move onward and forward toward a fabulous life. Yes I will trip up at times. Yes I might regress. But in my down moments, I want to take a step back and look at the big picture. And when I put things in perspective, I hope to see that everything is positive on the whole.

On December 31st last year, I read somewhere that in 2017, we should keep track of good stuff that happen on a weekly basis. And we should write it down on little pieces of paper and store it in a jar or a box. And then on December 31st this year, we should empty the jar or box and take a look back at all the good stuff that happened throughout the year. I thought it was a really cool idea and I’m going to start doing that. I think you should too. Because as the law of attraction says, when you start to see positivity, positive things will come to you. 


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