Tonight I read a Facebook post about children caught up in the war in Aleppo and it made me really sad. I hugged my daughter tightly, cradled her and reminded her again how much I love her. And I’m guilty that while I’m here in this part of the world enjoying the peace with my daughter, there are children in Aleppo who do not even know if they will live another night. And there are babies who are hungry. And little ones who have lost their parents. And it’s made me feel very guilty for my peace, my fortune, my daughter, our food, our lives. 

To be honest, I haven’t closely followed the news on the civil war in Syria or the politics behind it. I used to subscribe to Vogue magazine and I, like many others, had read the glowing article on Asma al Assad. And I was fascinated by her and had been Googling her a lot. That was many years ago when that article first came out in print in Vogue.

And then I read critiques of her and how that article was one-sided. I remember terminating my subscription to Vogue right away after that. But since then, I haven’t really been following the news coverage on the war that closely. I usually try to avoid the sensational articles and pictures about suffering children because it just depresses me. Until tonight.

So I take a break from my usual blog posts tonight and ask that we remember the children caught in Syria and other war torn countries. This is not politically driven. I don’t have time for politics. But atrocities committed against innocent victims are atrocities regardless of which side of the fence you are on. 


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