Before I wrap up this amazing (late) night, I just wanted to write a post about kindness. Sometimes the most unexpected people will show up for you when you are at your lowest. And the ones that you think are your closest will run away from you. But that’s one good thing about being in a bad situation – you really know who your truest friends are.

About two months before Thanksgiving, I was worrying about what I was going to be doing on this day. I have no family living close by except for my daughter who was going to be spending Thanksgiving with my ex and his family. My ex’s family had actually invited me to spend Thanksgiving with them but I wasn’t comfortable doing so. And I didn’t know if I was going to be ok spending it alone.

So I asked around some of my friends to find out what their plans were. This friend who has always said she would be there for me – but actually hasn’t really been there for me in recent times, wouldn’t give me a straight answer. But this other friend who I’ve sort of lost touch with invited me to a Thanksgiving event in the afternoon. And another friend hosted a small get together in the evening. So I ended up having a jam packed day with a very full stomach. Which took the edge of my loneliness during the holiday season.

Friends come and go. And friends also change. You can’t control them. I had always thought the first friend was a true friend but in recent times, I’m starting to think otherwise. Paying lip service is easy. Actually showing up takes effort.

Recently an acquaintance reached out to me for advice on what to do. She’s just found out her husband has been cheating on her and she’d heard about what happened to me and needed someone to talk to. I’ve known her for 6 years but I’ve only met her a handful of times during those 6 years. But I fully understand what it’s like to go through those first couple days of finding out you’ve been cheated on. I fully understand the heartbreak and the disbelief and the wavering emotions. And I also know what she needs most is someone to talk to. So I show up for her. 

Kindness begets kindness. And kindness is also what brings positivity out of a bad situation. So show up for someone today. 


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