It’s All In Your Mind

The road to recovery is filled with good days and bad days. It’s life – sometimes you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world; other times will feel like Murphy’s Law. But it’s important to remember that how you feel about yourself and your day is all in your mind. 

A big thing I learnt in my road to recovery is – the only person you can really control is yourself. You can’t control the other person. You can’t control the things that happen to you. But you can control your reaction to the stuff that happens to you and how you think about it.

So for example, if your co-worker was rude to you, you can’t control how your co-worker behaves towards you. But you can control your reaction to your co-worker’s rudeness. And your reaction will have a role to play in his or her response. So in this situation, you can choose to return your co-worker’s sarcasm. Doing so might prolong the ‘meanness’ between the two of you and most certainly lead to both of you feeling miserable. Or you can choose to play nice and guilt your co-worker into being nice back to you. However there is no guarantee that your co-worker will feel guilty and start treating you nicely because simply put, you don’t control his or her reaction. Or you could just avoid your co-worker for the time being and strategize a better way to deal with the situation in future. Maybe ask him or her out to coffee to discuss how you can both work best with each other. 

Once you realize that you don’t control others’ behavior and that you can only control your own reactions, it sets you free. For example you might think that something bad has happened to you. You could stay negative about it. Or you could turn your thoughts around and think “Hey maybe it’s not so bad. I could do this and make the situation better…” Your thoughts are within your control. 

There will be days when the negativity will get you down… and no amount of positivity can cheer you up. When it’s one of those days, just get through the day. Never give up. Because there is always tomorrow. And tomorrow is always a brand new day. 


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